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Bring back the critters reminder

10am - 12noon Saturday 10 October

Barn Owl with child

Come along (and bring the kids) to the community planting event this Saturday at Glenella Park, east end of Glenella Street The Gap.

We've got 300 beautiful native plants to go into the ground, a yummy morning tea and a presentation of live animals by Geckoes Wildlife.

Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network (BRAIN) is hosting the event in partnership with Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN) and with the help of Brisbane City Council and dedicated locals.

BRAIN Brisbane Rainforest Action and Information Network 10am 10 October - Bring back the critters

Come along to the Glenella Street Park Bring back the critters event 10am-12noon on Saturday 10 October at the east end of Glenella Street The...  

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