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Urgent meeting Wednesday 14th January 2015

SOWN Nursery, 57 Paten Road, The Gap. At 6pm

I have been informed that some devices do not display photos with emails and have not displayed the meeting details.

The meeting is at the SOWN NURSERY, 57 Paten Road, The Gap, at 6pm Wednesday 14th January 2015.

There is also some confusion relating to the final size of the proposed shed that is to be built on the site. At the meeting the size of the shed was to be 8 by 12 metres. In a conversation I had after the meeting with two of the representatives of the Men's Shed I believe they said that the shed was to be 12 by 18 metres. I may be mistaken. I was discussing the placement of their proposed shed at the site of the current SOWN Nursery Shed as an alternative site.

I showed them the inside of our shed and discussed how big relative to our shed their planned shed would be, and I outlined the boundaries in my previous e-news. Their shed will be large and about three times the size of our current shed. And this foot print was considered a smaller compromise than their desired structure by the Men's Shed committee members.

The actual size of the new shed to be built by the Men's Shed group will probably dictated by the available space and I believe at this time, dimensions are only an estimate or a desired figure. In any case the proposed shed will be very large.