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June 2012

SOWN Nursery to open first Tuesday of the month

Due to popular demand and as a fitting tribute to World Environment Day, SOWN Nursery will be open tomorrow Tuesday 5 June, 9am-12 noon. So come along to volunteer.

Several people have asked recently if the Nursery was open on a weekday other than Wednesdays, so we are continuing our trial of opening on the FIRST Tuesday of each month for routine Nursery tasks and plant pickup. Morning tea will be provided as usual.


Tasks for Tuesday 5 June

  • Pricking out lomandra seedlings
  • Catching up on seed processing and other small tasks in shed
  • Washing and sterilising plant tubes and other equipment
  • Preparing for the team of Suncorp volunteers attending on Wed 6th

No experience is required for any of these tasks so new volunteers are as welcome and as useful as 'old hands'. Tasks are all quite simple and volunteers will only need a few minutes basic instruction before starting.

We suggest you wear clothes and shoes suitable for gardening-type work, wear sunscreen and bring a hat. In hot weather, a water bottle is advisable.

If possible, let us know if you might make it so we can ensure adequate catering for morning tea. If you'd like any extra information before you come, feel free to contact Lynn on 3366 3603.

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The SOWN Nursery is the heart of SOWN's activities. At the nursery, SOWN financial members can obtain free plants, native to the Enoggera catchment, for planting in their revegetation sites or bush gardens. You will need to show your membership card to take plants. The nursery is located at 57...