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Ithaca Intact - June 2011

Rob Whyte takes overs from Glenn Withers

As we draw closer to the end of the Ithaca Intact project we would really like to hear how the creek in your backyard is doing.

SOWN Director Robert Whyte is working hard to complete the Ithaca Intact project and he wants to hear your stories and get photos of your creek. Details below.

Also coming up there is an Ithaca Intact work bee this week and a community planting next month.

Rob Robert Whyte keeps Ithaca Intact

With the exit of our Ithaca Intact coordinator Glenn Withers, Robert Whyte has stepped into the position and is keen to get amongst it. Rob has...  

ithaca Intact 8am Friday 24 June - Ithaca Intact corporate work bee

Lend a hand to assist a SOWN member manage their creek frontage. This work bee will include a group of corporate volunteers. It's on the...  

ithaca Intact 9am Sunday 31 July - National Tree Day at Woolcock Park

Join Save Our Waterways Now at Woolcock Park in Red Hill for our National Tree Day planting. As part of out Ithaca Intact project, we are...