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A wet start for 2008

It's been a wet start for the year with the Enoggera Catchment getting more than the Brisbane average. Fred Moffet's gauge registered 274ml in January - average across Brisbane was 162ml. This is the highest January rainfall in 25 years bar 1994 which registered 298ml. And the rain has continued into February.

This means plantings, previously impossible with water restrictions, are now happening all over the place, and they've been watered with rain -- the low maintenance way.

With the rain have come the weeds. At least when the ground is soft they are easier to pull out.

Thank you La Niņa!

Don't forget to returned your tubes (washed thoroughly in mild bleach solution if possible) and trays.

Plants are going out to members at a ferocious rate and the nursery is propagating at breakneck speed to provide more. Don't forget to count your trees to contribute to the 02 target of a million trees by June 30 2008.

Happy planting.

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