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It's time to plant! Come to the Nursery this Saturday!

With recent rains the ground is moist, the creeks are running and it's time to come and get plants for your site. Mark Crocker will be at the Nursery this Saturday 9am-11am. If you have any tubes and trays, bring them back, we're running out. Plants of course are free to members.

Let's make a dent on that 02 tarket of a million trees by 30 June 2008.

Don't miss out. And for new members, here's a link to the nursery page with a map.


The SOWN Nursery is the heart of SOWN's activities. At the nursery, SOWN financial members can obtain free plants, native to the Enoggera catchment, for planting in their revegetation sites or bush gardens. You will need to show your membership card to take plants. The nursery is located at 57...