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Nicholas Park Working Bee - Sun 5 Aug 2007

Date Sun 5 Aug 2007
Venue Nicholas Park (The Gap)
Format Working Bees
Host Nicholas Park Group

Meet at 8am. Wear covered shoes, sunsafe clothes, and bring water.

Nicholas Park is opposite the Gap State High School (on the other side of the creek). It can be accessed via Blucher Ave off Payne Road.

We are really starting to glean an image of what this creek might have looked like before the invasions of rubbish and weeds. The discovery of several Native Elms (Aphananthe philippinensis), Native Quinces (Guioa semiglauca) and Native Olives (Notelaea longifolia), a sandpaper fig and various other remnant species lurking under the weed cover is an indication that this ecosystem has a good chance of recovery from decades of indifference and neglect. How lucky we are to live in an area that has creeks still fringed by rainforest remnants!! We have possibly the biggest Hard Quandong (Elaeocarpus obovatus) on the creek, more than 1.5m wide at the base. A giant! And many more young ones coming up around.

For our July session it was wonderful to have Rob Whyte and Anne Jones on hand again for plant identification purposes (as well as their witty company), and thanks go to Neil Millstead from Brisbane City Council for his preparation and supply of tools and other equipment.

It was a delight to have the Barratt kids as well, for their high spirits and entertainment value.

And it was a relief that no-one fell in the creek, despite some daring and precarious weed-removal manoevres.

We have discussed with Neil the possibility of preparing an area for some planting out. If we have a dry month, this might be out of the question. However, if the soil stays moist enough, it would make a change from weeding. However, if we do plant, we may need to organize some watering (bucketing from the creek) between the August and the September working bees. The number of people who are able to volunteer for interim watering will be place a natural limit on the number of plants we put in.

You will receive another notice before the next working bee.

Meanwhile, could everybody use their networks to spread the word around: the working bees will occur regularly on the first sunday of each month, at 8am, meeting at the end of blucher avenue.

Please suggest to your friends that they email Lyn Martinez scrubwren@optusnet.com.au if they would like regular updates about the Nicholas Park Bushcare Group.

  • Lyn Martinez - For more details on this initiative, contact Lyn Martinez, Site Coordinator.


Our next exciting event is the….. Sunday 5th August Working Bee!!! 8am at the bottom 0f Blucher Avenue.

Unfortunately, there has been too little rain for a tree planting (perhaps the sky will open for us during August), so we will be able to consolidate the weeding done so far, and hopefully, extend it.

I forgot to organize a camera for the last working bee, so anyone who has a bit of talent with a camera, please bring one along. Results so far are impressive, I am sure the before and after shots will become astounding over time.

We will be depending on our little band of enthusiastic volunteers to spread the word for the next couple of working bees, so I encourage all of you to bring along 5 friends, or if you cannot come yourself, send them in your place.

I promise a coffee at the new Walkabout Creek café for the person who brings along the most new people (redeemable when I get back from Tasmania in September).

Lyn Martinez