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Roving Bushcare goes to Balgaangala garden

Date Sat 15 Jun 2019
Time 3:00 PM
Venue Balaangala Garden Space (98 Yoorala St, The Gap)
Format Working Bee
Host Balaangala

For the next SOWN Roving Bushcare event, we will be joining with the Balgaangala community group and assisting with weeding and planting at their Indigenous plants garden.

The Balgaangala garden has been planted with native plants used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for food, tools, medicine and crafts. The aim is to help group members and visitors learn about and appreciate Indigenous culture and knowledge.

Date: Saturday 15 June from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Place: Balgaangala garden, 98 Yoorala Street, The Gap.

Please park down the bottom of the slope. The garden is halfway down the slope behind the main Men's Shed building. Tools and gloves will be available.

An important part of the Balaangala garden is the yarning space. This is where we will have a cuppa afterwards and share ideas, ask questions, disagree and learn.