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Anaxidia lozogramma (Turner, 1902) calling adult

This calling moth is Anaxidia lozogramma. Thanks to Peter Hendry and Ted Edwards for help with ID. This behavour of raising the abdomen and emitting pheremones is known as "calling" and is designed to attract moths of the opposite sex into range. Common in Moths of Australia notes food plants include Macadamia spp., Dodonaea triquetra and Camellia spp.

Anaxidia lozogramma Limacodidae cup moths
Photo: Robert Whyte

Anaxidia lozogramma (Turner, 1902) caterpillar

Don Herison-Evans advised us this is Anaxidia lozogramma Anaxidia lozogramma is a moth of the Limacodidae family found in Australia, in coastal and subcoastal areas from the Atherton tableland to Eungella in northern Queensland and from southern Queensland to Mount Keira in New South Wales.

Calcarifera ordinata
Photo: Robert Whyte