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Corymbia henryi (MYRTACEAE) Large-leaved Spotted Gum

Image: Foliage

Corymbia henryi
Photo: Robert Whyte

Medium to large tree to 30m, fast growing, found on relatively infertile soils from the Brisbane area, to south of Grafton in New South Wales. Found in moister sites along drainage lines.

Bark smooth throughout, dull or glossy, white to grey or red-brown or pink or cream, can be mottled or dimpled.

Broad leaves alternate to almost opposite, green above, slightly paler below.

Seedling and juvenile leaves with stiff hairs, larger than adult leaves.

Whitish flowers in groups of 3 in racemes or panicles December-February.

Image: Bark

Eucalyptus henryi
Photo: Robert Whyte

This picture shows a closeup of the bark of a very young, fast-growing specimen which self-seeded in a reveg area in Walton Bridge area, very close to a path. We left it growing there as it is locally native to the Enoggera catchment.

Image: New growith

Eucalyptus henryi
Photo: Robert Whyte

Like the other Spotted Gums, a useful hardwood timber tree. Previously known as Eucalyptus henryi. The type specimen was collected at Stafford in Brisbane.