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Cleaning up The Gap

With help from The Gap High School and the Ergon Energy Green Team, a group of SOWN volunteers cleaned up a large section of the bike path behind Coles at The Gap.

Working with Rob Whyte on Friday 5 March, The Gap High School leadership group hauled out 17 shopping trolleys.

Then on Sunday, the Green Team and a number of SOWN members cleared a large section of weeds and creek bank, unearthing 20 bags of rubbish and creating a huge mulch pile.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Some SOWN volunteers on Clean Up Australia Day 2010
Some of the SOWN volunteers from Clean Up Australia Day 2010. The 17 shopping trolleys in the foreground were recovered by students from The Gap High on 5 March, then the Ergon Energy Green Team chipped in on 7 March clearing the bank and uncovering even more rubbish.


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