Ithaca Intact Jul 2009

Kids went green (and some went in the creek!) as SOWN joined forces with Broncos Leagues Club to repair a flood damaged section of Ithaca Creek and raise funds for the Red Hil Special School.

boy planting on Ithaca Creek

Lots of lomandras
Around 100 lomadras were planted to help stabilise the creek bank. 

Family planting on Ithaca Creek

You're never too small
There is something everyone can do to help create a healthier environment. 

Broncos BBQ

Broncos on the barbie!
The Broncos cooked the BBQ and signed autographs for the fans. Thanks guys!! 

face painting

Free face painting was a big hit!
Every kids loves gettng their face painted. Even the big ones! But what is it with SOWN and spiders? 

boy and snake

Where the wild things are!
Some of the local wildife made an appearance thanks to Geckoes Wildilfe and local state members Kate Jones and Andrew Fraser. Click on the arrows for... 

special school kids

Environment and community
All money raised on the day went towards purchasing a wheelchair swing for the Red Hill Special School