The phylum Mollusca contains around 112,000 described species. They range from minute snails and slugs to large organisms such as octopus, which are among the most neurologically-advanced invertebrates. Two mollusc groups, bivalves and gastropods, also contain freshwater species. Gastropods have representatives that live on land: the land snails and slugs.


Peloparion iridis HELICARIONIDAE Iridescent Semi-slug
This semi-slug has a rudimentary, small, flattened semi-shell with a diameter of about 8-10mm, the animal length about 20mm. The animal's surface has... 

Red Triangle Slug

Triboniophorus graeffei Humbert, 1863 ATHORACOPHORIDAE Red Triangle Slug
In the picture you will see two very handsome native Red-Triangle Slugs in a garden in The Gap after recent rain. They appear to be "getting it on".