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Catching Cat's Claw Creeper

It's that time of year again, when a number of bushland areas, creek lines and suburban fences around Brisbane suddenly turn bright yellow. No it's not a coordinated graffiti attack, it's the environmental weed Cat's Claw Creeper putting on its annual flower display.

Catchment groups across the city, working together as the Brisbane Catchments Networks, have started an ambitious project to control Cat's Claw Creeper, prevent its further spread within Brisbane and maybe even eradicate it from the city. But to do this we need to know where it is!

While Cat's Claw is in flower it is very obvious and easy to identify. Visit the 'weeds to whack' section for more information on identifying Cat's Claw Creeper. And while we can map infestations along creeks and in bushland and parks, and target them for removal, there are numerous vines growing in suburban yards, on fences and over sheds, that will always provide seed for new invaders. And these are the ones we need to know about.

So please keep your eyes open for this beautiful invader, record the address you saw it at, and any details eg on front fence, in tree at rear of property etc, and send the information to SOWN. Collating information on the location of Cat's Claw Creeper across Brisbane will assist in developing a strategy to control it on both public and private land. It will be a big job, but it has to start somewhere!


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