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Inaugural Creek Crawl - Ithaca Intact

Main results

Ithaca Intact
One of the worst sections - the nutrient rich stretch just upstream from Scott Rimington's site

A treasure not far from the city

The launch of the Ithaca Intact project at 9.30am Saturday 3 March was the occasion of our first mapping, surveying botanising and prioritising walk downstream from the headwaters of Ithaca Creek. This took us from Carwoola Street to Simpsons Road.

Ithaca Intact
Sections of the creek near Carwoola street are nearly pristine

Robert Dunne and Adam Richardt

To boldly go...

Infestation of a new Bignoniaceae


Leucaena about to become a weed disaster zone


Sisal in large quantities, spreading by seed as well as runners


A giant weedy grass


Madeira smothering a native Hibiscus




Tradescanta Zebrina - it was all over the dry hillsides

Tradescanta zebrina

It's not all bad - the wonderful Vitex lignum-vitae


A massive weed - Camphor laurel at the Kiwanis site

Ithaca Intact

Creek health poor - too much nutrient

Ithaca Intact

Backyard bamboo - not a serious invader

Ithaca Intact
Gradual control is the best method for these monsters

Rock Pools near Bardon State School

Ithaca Intact

Our botanist nearly swallowed by a Shrimp Plant infestation (Justicia betonica)

Ithaca Intact

Robert and Adam nearing the end of our first Creek Crawl

Ithaca Intact

Photos: Melinda Mclean and Robert Whyte


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