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Green Corps 2003

We had 10 young people doing traineeships in environmental work mainly at Walton Bridge, but also throughout the catchment. Here is a pictorial record of their time with SOWN.


A tale of two bridges
Hard to tell under the hat, but it's either Brendan or Luke with Nathan near the old bridge with the new bridge further in the background.  

Corbie Street Park

Corbie Street Park - The grass is as high ...
... as an elephant's eye. Literally. Nerida Jess and Andy are standing (yes, standing!) in Elephant Grass growing along Enoggera Creek.  

Fannings Corner

Fannings Corner
The grafitti on the rock is very attractive. It certainly sums up the pleasure of eating fresh macadamias off a tree in a small park the Green Corps... 

Fannings Corner - Have boot will crack

Fannings Corner - Have boot will crack
The nuts stood no chance whatsoever under this kind of attack.  

Three people in rain

Fannings Corner - Jenny Anderson - Payne Rd School
Jenny Anderson organised this planting as part of her project to restore this pocket park with her environment club at the Payne Road School. Mel and... 

Justin, Nathan and friend

Fannings Corner - Justin, Nathan and friend
This project linked local students with green activities.  

Nathan shifting mulch.

Fannings Corner - Nathan
Nathan shifting mulch.  

Cracking macadamias

Fannings Corner - Nuts
Nathan has come up with a lateral solution to the problem of getting macadamias out of their shells, he's using his steel caps.  

Melinda searching for weeds

Fannings Corner - on the lookout for more work
Melinda here on Paten Road looking for more weeds to pull out.  

Payne Road School planting

Fannings Corner - Payne Road School planting
Jess is helping with the planting.  

Green Corps and Payne Road School

Fannings Corner - Payne Road School
Part of the Green Corps project is interacting with, and helping the local community. Our project had lots of opportunities, like the one with Payne... 

Planting in the rain.

Fannings Corner - Planting in the rain
While it can be uncomfortable planting in the rain, it is in fact the best possible time to be planting. The tubestock will love it. Angus is here... 

Wet and soggy work

Fannings Corner - Wet and soggy work
Luke is supervising the watering.  

Nerida on site

Fannings Corner Paten Road
Nerida on site in week 12.  

Group at Fannings Corner

Fannings Corner - February 2004
Jess, Bella, Mel and Brendan watch on while Nathan cracks nuts with his boots.  

Thumbs up to planting

Fannings Corner - Paten and Payne Roads The Gap
The Green Corps worked with the local Payne Road State School to plant this little pocket park donated to the city by the neighbouring landowner. 

Cracking macadamias - team work

Fannings Corner - Paten Road The Gap
The team revisited the planting in February 2004. From left Jessica, Nerida, Andy, Bella (squatting while cracking macadamias), Luke and Justin.  


Fannings Corner - The Gap
Plenty of refreshments were on hand for the workers during the planting.  

Jess and Lomandra spicata

Fish Creek - Jess
Jess is at the top of the bank juted and planted with Lomandra spicata for the Michaela Park Group, Fish Creek.  

Success with the jute mat.

Fish Creek - Juting
A successful day with the jute mat. From left Nathan, Justin, Brendan, Jessica, Nerida (front), Andy (back), Bella (middle), Alexander, Pete (holding... 

Fursman estate

Fursman Estate - Luke, Mel, Jess and Nathan
The team reviewed the planting at the Fursman estate in February 2004.  

Mel, the team leader

Fursman Estate - Mel
Mel has to juggle several jobs as team leader. She's been a great inspiration to the team.  

Stuart, wheelbarrow and gigantic tallowwood

Green Reserve helpers - Stuart
This man with the wheelbarrow (looking like a subject of the famous French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson) is Stuart, a Green Reserve worker who... 

Habitat Brisbane Day

Habitat Brisbane Day - Moorooka December 2003
Jeff Hilder brought Athol and Beverly Brown, and the Moffetts (Fred and Vera) from the Gap over to the south side for the annual barbecue, free... 

Andy as Robin Hood

Ithaca - Andy preparing for the role of Robin Hood
Andy has cut a quarter staff and is getting ready to fight Little John for the honour of crossing the creek.  

Group at Ithica Creek

Ithaca Creek - Sathya Sai
From left: Justin, Bella, Nerida, Jess.  

Nerida and leaf fashions

Nerida (the artistic one) has come up with a good style statement using Macaranga tanarius. Very fetching.  

Close-up of Nerida's latest fashion look

Ithaca Creek - Melinda in nature-friendly garb
This look might catch on.  

Nathan and Nerida

Ithaca Creek - Nathan and Nerida
The lomandras along the path here are flourishing. The Green Corps has been maintaining this site in the absence of a local group.  

Mel and native mulberries

Ithaca Creek - Native mulberry
Mel is collecting native mulberries and eating them. They were planted at Scott Rimington's site on Ithaca Creek.  

Scott Rimington's site

Ithaca Creek - Scott Rimington's site
This site was juted by the Green Corps much to the delight of SOWN member Scott Rimington.  

White cedar

Ithaca Creek - White cedar - amazing growth
This melia was planted in September 2003 by the Green Corps. This photo was taken in February 2004. Jess is six feet tall - this tree has grown two... 

Sathya Sai

Ithaca Creek - Sathya Sai
Satha Sai was a good place to work on some of the worst (hottest) days - good shade.  

Justin at Ithica Creek

Ithaca Creek - Sathya Sai - Justin
Justin at Ithaca Creek, Sathya Sai.  

Rob, Melinda and the Sathya Sai

Ithaca Creek - Sathya Sai - What tree is that?
Rob Whyte of SOWN and Melinda are obviously mystified by this tree.  

Ithaca Creek - Sathya Sai

Ithaca Creek - Sathya Sai
This site, Sathya Sai, is the uppermost (upstream) site on Ithaca Creek. The Green Corps has been working here, keeping Brian Sait 's work going. The... 

Angus speaking for green Corps

Launch - Angus speaking for Green Corps
Angus and Jessica spoke about being part of the Green Corps project. They spoke about their enthusiasm for the work, which really made them feel like... 

Councillor Geraldine

Launch - Councillor Geraldine
Geraldine Knapp thanked the Green Corps and everyone involved for their great work and enormous enthusiasm for the project.  

Local community at the launch

Launch - Local community at the launch
The Green Corps launch at Walton Bridge was a chance for the local community to get together. Here Mark Crocker, a local cultural officer for the... 

Melinda McLean's welcome

Launch - Melinda McLean
Melinda welcomes parents, guests and VIPs at the launch of the Green Corps, held on the covered stage in Walton Bridge Reserve.  

Team photo

Launch - Team photo
From left at the front: Angus, Andy, Rob Whyte (SOWN) Melinda, Dan. Back row: Luke, Bella, Nerida, Councillor Geraldine Knapp, Jess, Justin and... 

Seed sorting

Nursery - Seed sorting
Pete Dorney is here working with SOWN volunteers sorting red cedar seeds. Try saying that fast.  

Nursery - International volunteers

Nursery - International volunteers
A crew of international volunteers and their supervisor (middle row at left) joined the Green Corps for a day. This photo was taken at the Paten Road... 

SOWN trailer

Nursery - SOWN trailer
The SOWN trailer is the group's mobile workshop, and where they store the gear for working in the field. The SOWN nursery is off Paten Park, The Gap. 

Vera and Fred's support

Nursery - Vera, Fred and Mel
Nursery volunteers from Yoorala Street East Vera and Fred have been an invaluable support for the Green Corps.  

Nursery Manager - Pete Dorney

Nursery Manager - Pete Dorney
Left to right: Pete Dorney (Nursery Manager) Vera Moffett, Fred Moffett and Melinda Mclean.  

Playing cricket

Soccer oval - Cricket
The fielding style might be a bit relaxed, but the Green Corps were all tired out after explaining the rules. Justin at point, Angus at slip and Andy... 

Mott Creek or Paten Creek

Soccer oval - Mott Creek or Paten Creek
The unnamed creek which enters Enoggera at this spot starts up behind the Nursery and has created a good rainforest at this spot.  

Brendon and Nathan at Walton Bridge

Soccer oval - Walton Bridge
A lot of native species have flourished here in this part of the Walton Bridge site behind the soccer oval. Nathan is at the water's edge, Brendan... 

Blue gums at Walton Bridge Reserve

Soccer Oval - Walton Bridge Reserve
These large Brisbane blue gums (Eucalyptus tereticornis) are going to be labelled with interpretive signs as part of the Green Corps community... 

Weed rescuers

Soccer oval - Walton Bridge
This area behind the soccer oval has a good remnant planting by Bob Wilson and Brain Sait which was rescued from weeds.  

Team attack on weeds

St John's Wood - Attacking weeds
The task here was to clear around remnants of a previous planting to rescue them from encroaching weeds including Japanese sunflower. Kneeling at... 

Nathan and Brendan on the Gresham Street Bridge.

St John's Wood - Gresham Street Bridge
Nathan and Brendan on the Gresham Street Bridge.  

Almost swallowed by sunflowers

St John's Wood - The deep moogoombu
The team members almost swallowed here by the Japanese sunflower are from left: Andy, Luke, Bella, Brendan, Angus and Nathan.  

Team members replant and repair

St John's Wood - Acacia Drive
The team members here are standing on a juted slope that they repaired and replanted for one of the SOWN Acacia Drive groups.  

Group at Grsham Street Bridge

St John's Wood - Gresham Street Bridge
This site is a challenge. The Pine Rivers team joined Mel's team to control weeds on this site and still the weeds fought back. The site has been... 

Sown Logo

Team bus - Andy
This shot of Andy was taken while Bella was ducking for cover.  

Andy and Bella on the bus

Team bus - Andy
This shot of Andy was taken while Bella was ducking for cover.  

Bella in the rear vision mirror in the bus.

Team bus - Bella
Bella in the rear vision mirror in the bus.  

Team bus - Bella - the Mona Lisa smile
This photo captured Bella with an enigmatic look.  

A bemused Brendan

Team bus - Brendan
A portrait of a hot and bemused Brendan snapped in the bus.  

Brendan and Justin

Team bus - Brendan and Justin
Brendan and Justin. Some members of the Green Corps have obviously got hold of Rob's digital camera.  

Reading the signs

Team bus - Community venture
Rob and Mel take a moment to discuss the interpretive signs. Rob has the artwork for the 20 or so tree signs with interpretive comments researched... 

Jess with bunny ears

Team Bus - Jess with bunny ears
Not one, but two sets of bunny ears for this picture.  

A bus load

Team bus - Jess, Bella, in the bus
Jess is at the front looking over her sunglasses, Bella is to the left, behind Bella is Luke, behind Luke is Andy, beside Luke is Nathan.  

Justin smiles, Jess yawns.

Team bus - Justin
Justin in the bus. This was getting late in the afternoon. Jess is yawning.  

Luke in the bus

Team bus - Luke
Portrait of Luke In the bus. Photo taken by one of the Green Corps.  

Nerida and Jess

Team bus - Nerida and Jess
It seems as though Nerida might have taken control of the camera for this shot.  

On the road

Team bus - On the road
Here's the team inside the bus on their way to another site.  

Trevor Ozanne's site

Trevor Ozanne's site
This site is the most easterly one of SOWN's currently active revegetation projects.  

Green hill, Green Corps, too many green weeds!

Trevor Ozanne's site
Unfortunately the green hill behind the Green Corps here is a mass of weeds. What a pity we don't have them for six years, rather than six months. Or... 

Dorrington, Newmarket

Trevor Ozanne's site - Dorrington, Newmarket
This walkway is down behind Corbie Street Park in Dorrington, Newmarket.  

Minister's visit

Walton Bridge - Minister's visit
International volunteers and the Green Corps were working together on the Walton Bridge site the day Minister for Natural Resources Stephen Robertson... 

Local member and Minister's  visit

Walton Bridge - Local member and Minister's visit
Jim Fouras (left) visited with the Minister for Natural Resources (including waterways) Stephen Robertson (right). Front is SOWN member Anne Jones... 

Latest Enoggera Creek fashions

Walton Bridge - Haute couture in Enoggera Creek
The latest in creek fashions modelled here by Brendan and Andy. Note the tasteful accessorising with mini-mattocks.  

International conservation volunteers

Walton Bridge - International volulnteers
Jess and Nerida joined the international conservation volunteers for this photo taken under the waterhouseas at Walton Bridge.  

International volunteers

Walton Bridge - International volunteers
Melinda took this photo of the international volunteers at Walton Bridge.  

Nerida with waders

Walton Bridge - Nerida with waders
After recent rains the water was running clear and the weeds were growing. This was about a week after heavy rains in December 2003.  

Andy in waders

Walton Bridge - Waders on - Up the creek
Andy has got the waders on to do a serious bit of weed control on the creek bank - hard to get to any other way. The rubber boots protect his toes... 

Weeding among the Lomandras

Walton Bridge - Weeding among the Lomandras
From left with international volunteers at Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap, are Angus, Andy, Brendan, Nathan and Bella.  

Green Corps at Walton Bridge

Walton Bridge itself
This area of Enoggera Creeek has had a huge amount of intensive work over 2003-04. The Green Corps has been right there through it all.  

Walton Bridge planting

Walton Bridge planting
The terrible trio, who are really just three quarters of the fearsome foursome, were planting near the walkbridge, while keeping a wary eye on the... 

Justin and Luke digging holes

Walton Bridge planting - Hole digging
Justin and Luke are digging holes here with the petrol-powered auger - a noisy and heavy beast.  

SOWN overseers

Walton Bridge planting - SOWN overseers
Beverley Brown and Fred Moffett were on hand to ensure the smooth running of the entire operation.  

80 people on the day

Walton Bridge planting - 80 people on the day
Including the Green Corps there were 80 people working on the community planting, making light work of the 2000 tube stock needing to go into the... 

Planting's for all ages

Walton Bridge planting - All ages
The event attracted many local families.  

Augering holes

Walton Bridge planting - Augering holes
Justin and Luke with the mechanical digger.  

Bella and Jess planting

Walton Bridge planting - Bella and Jess
The mulch is scraped back from each of the holes Luke and Justin have dug with the auger - then the plant is placed ready to be taken from its tube... 

Bella and Jess at Walton Bridge

Walton Bridge planting - Bella and Jess
This bank near the walking bridge at Walton Bridge Reserve was planted in June 2003. Because of the mulching and preparation only minor weeding is... 

Enoggera Creek to City

Walton Bridge planting - Enoggera Creek to City
Latecomers still had tubestock to plant - we had "prepped" this area just in case.  

Extending to the other side

Walton Bridge planting - Extending
The large turn out to the planting meant we got through our assigned plantings ahead of time and moved across to the other side of the creek.  

Fathers and sons working together

Walton Bridge planting - Fathers and sons
What better way to spend a Sunday morning?  

Grant Stacey

Walton Bridge planting - From far and wide
Grant Stacey, SOWN's landscaping consultant, travelled over to Walton Bridge to participating in the planting after helping to prepare the site by... 

2000 plants to plant

Walton Bridge planting - Getting ready
The first task was to lay out around 2000 plants in places ready to be planted by the families invited to the planting. The invitations were sent out... 

Jessica and Nerida weed away

Walton Bridge planting - Jessica and Nerida
The creek banks will be a constant weeding task until the Lomandras get well established. The junction of Fish and Enoggera Creeks is a popular spot... 

Join up, sign in

Walton Bridge planting - Join up, sign in
Anne Jones (SOWN) collected donations, organised memberships and signed people in for Habitat Brisbane records of the community planting in Walton... 

Mel teaches

Walton Bridge planting - Mel teaches
The community planting attracted many families from the local community. Melinda was there to show the kids how to make sure each plant was dug well... 

Melinda aims to plant

Walton Bridge planting - November 9 - Mel
Melinda is here with Justin's Mum ready to start early, preparing the planting. The aim was to plant out the 100 metres of Fish Creek in Walton... 

November 9 crowd

Walton Bridge Planting - November 9 crowd
Here are some of the 80 people who turned up for this Walton Bridge event.  

Now time to water

Walton Bridge planting - Now time to water
Plants were going in everywhere - it wasn't long before we ran out of plants. There was still lots of energy, so the small boys did what they do best... 

Jessica  prepares

Walton Bridge planting - Preparing
Jessica is laying out Diannella caerulea (blue flax lily) a local native lily suitable for harsh conditions and a low edging plant with beautiful... 

Walton Bridge Reserve

Walton Bridge Reserve
Old bridge, new railings, plantings, mulch, landscaping - all part of the project that Green Corps has been involved in.  

Andy attacks weeds

Weeds - Our enemy
The team has learned to loathe weeds and attack them wherever they see them. Here Andy is about to destroy this invading north Queensland Cadaghi... 

Elephant grass at the Pony Club

Yoorala Street East - Pony Club
The bus arrives at the Pony Club where the Elephant grass (Pennisetium sp) has grown back after being cleared earlier in the project.  

Yoorala Street East

Yoorala Street East
From left: Andy, Bella, Nathan and Brendan. The Green Corps put in this sign.  

Field of weeds

Yoorala Street East - Field of weeds
This area was entirely cleared by the Green Corps and Greening Australia. They gave it the name "Field of Weeds" which soon became "The Heat Sink" -... 

Jess,Bella and Nerida

Yoorala Street East - Jess, Bella, Nerida
The girls are going to have to call in Greening Australia to combat the weed regrowth. This area has no canopy, which is why the weeds grow back so... 

Pony Club

Yoorala Street East - Pony Club
From left: Mel, Jess (sitting), Justin, Bella, Nerida (sitting), Andy (standing on rock), Brendan and Nathan.  

Nerida and Jess looking at broken trees from storm damage

Yoorala Street East - Pony Club - Storm damage Nerida and Jess have been looking at the broken trees on the edge of the Pony Club near the turnaround at the eastern end of Yoorala Street.
Nerida and Jess have been looking at the broken trees on the edge of the Pony Club near the turnaround at the eastern end of Yoorala Street. 

The dreaded madeira vine

Yoorala Street East - The dreaded madeira vine
Andy is inspecting the madeira regrowth (Andredera cordifolia). It is one of our worst problem plants.  

Corps team under new sign

Yoorala Street East - Sign
These attractive new signs made by Habitat Brisbane were distributed and concreted in place by the Green Corps team. From left: Justin, Jess, Nerida... 

The bus arrives at Athol Brown's site

Yoorala Street West - Athol Brown's site
The bus arrives at Upper Yoorala Street West where the team has been working clearing and planting 

Collecting Red Kamala seeds

Yoorala St West - Red Kamala - Seed collecting
Red Kamala is one of our rainforest regenerators - Mallotus phillipensis. When the fruit splits it is ready to pick. 

Andy testing the playground equipment.

Yoorala Street West - Workplace health and safety
Andy is testing the park play equipment. These health and safety checks are an essential part of good work procedures 

With recent rains the creek was looking great.

Yoorala Street West - Workplace health and safety
With recent rains the creek was looking great.  

grabbing Red Kamala seeds

Yoorala Street West - Red Kamala
Whenever a team member (usually Luke) spots a fruiting local species, the team stops to grab seed for the nursery.