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Natural channel design takes shape at Yooralla Street West

Yooralla Street West has recently received a facelift with Brisbane City Council undertaking a project to transform an eroded, weed infested stormwater drain into a natural channel which will filter sediments from the water and provide a wildlife haven.

Before transformation

The site was initially a Singapore daisy infested channel, with erosion from the stormwater coming off Waterworks Road contributing to sediment and nutrient loads in Enoggera Creek.

During work

Works commence on the site under the supervison of BCC Habitat Brisbane and Roads and drains.

First the weeds are removed, then the channel is lined with geotextile and finally rock lined to aerate the stormwater before it flows to the creek. Also utilised during construction is "green pipe" a type of plastic pipe manufactured from kerb side recyclables

The finishing touches

After the channel shape takes place, the area is planted by BCC Vegetation and Pest Services. The site now includes a wetland area for frogs and a revegetated corridor for fauna. The natural channel is planted with native plants which will filter stormwater, reduce nutrients levels and trap sediments before they enter Enoggera Creek.

This work will compliment the existing work being undertaken by Athol Brown, a community member who has spent many years revegetating the sections of Yooralla St West, downstream of the dam wall.

Athol is delighted by the project and just couldn't help himself during the construction phase - he had to go down and lend a hand when they were planting the site!