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The SOWN Nursery is the heart of SOWN's activities. At the nursery, SOWN members can obtain free plants, native to the Enoggera catchment, for planting in their revegetation sites or bush gardens.

The nursery is located at 57 Paten Road, The Gap (See map below). Follow the road into Paten Park and we are at the end next to the Paten Park Native Nursery (formerly Greening Australia).

The SOWN nursery is open to members only.
Opening hours are:-
Saturdays 9-11am (volunteers on roster) - for pick up and drop off of plants, tools and other equipment only.

Wednesday 8.30am-12.30pm - as above, plus regular working sessions for propagation and maintenance of plants. New Wednesday volunteers are always very welcome. Come around 9.00 am and ask for Lynn Swan.

The SOWN Nursery is closed for approximately two weeks over the Christmas / New Year break and on public holidays.

Plant trays and empty tubes may be returned outside of nursery opening hours. Please leave them stacked neatly near the nursery entry gates which are just to the left of the SOWN shed.

The SOWN Nursery operates with assistance from the Brisbane City Council's Environmental Grants Program

SOWN Nursery and Arthur Gorrie Correction Centre

The Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC) Nursery project which was funded by a Grant from Brisbane City Council is now supporting SOWN's propagation program and adding to the existing nursery production of indigenous species. This is greatly increasing the number of plants available to members and providing considerable numbers to other similar bushcare groups throughout SEQ.
The project provides new skills and activities to inmates while increasing the supply of local native plants to other bushcare/habitat sites within the Enoggera, Ithaca and Fish Creek Catchments and to other not-for-profit bushcare groups throughout SEQ.
The objective for the AGCC operation was to increase the diversity of local native species and to increase production from 30,000 to 60,000 plants. The project met this objective. AGCC produced over 60,000 plants in 2012/13, including 55,439 plants which were delivered from AGCC and stock at AGCC was increased by about 7,000 plants. The project fostered a long term collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders.
SOWN has several very good partners who are now using these plants and we are seeking several more.
Since its inception this project has increased the supply of locally native plants from 30,000 plants per annum to in excess of 90,000. SOWN Nursery propagates approx. 30,000 plants per year and the AGCC Sown Partnership has produced 60,000 additional plants.
Because this pilot project operated during 2012/13 there are now 60,000 more plants in the ground in SEQ than otherwise would have been the case.
The plants are able to be provided free to suitable groups as they are produced at an extremely low cost less than 15 cents per plants compared to a wholesale cost of $1.50 per plant.
The Enoggera Creek catchment has benefited by having additional bushcare areas regenerated.
Similar organisations throughout SE Qld, environmental education centres, a bird sanctuary and land for Wildlife properties have been able to receive plants in addition to those they would otherwise have acquired.
AGCC inmates receive training which can lead to them being able to obtain Certificates in Horticulture.
This project continues to produce upwards of 70,000 plants per year.