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Skink in a bottle 2005

Pink-tongued Skink (SCINCIDAE) Cyclomorphus gerrardii common in moist habitats in South East Queensland, feeds mostly on slugs and snails.

pink tongued skink

Why the long face?
Something is trapped in the bottle. This strange animal cage was discovered by Jeremy (volunteer) when we cleared behind the Soccer Oval, part of the... 

kids intrigued

What is it?
The local kids were intrigued. How did the lizard get into the bottle, can it get out of the bottle, will it bite, is it dangerous, why is its tongue... 


It's a skink
Later we identified the lizard from the Queensland Museum book (Wildlife of Greater Brisbane) as Pink-tongued Skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii). It's... 


Pink tongued, and pinky orange underneath
The Queensland Museum has a PDF info sheet (Reptiles 10) on Blue and Pink-tongued Skinks. They describe both skinks as "robust and short-limbed,... 

liberating the skink

In this pic you can see the top of the bottle falling away as we liberated the skink. This was an excercise carried out with care, because we knew,... 

skink in bottle

Gidday little fella, or shiela
A prime specimen, in sight of freedom. Again from the Queensland Museum Info Sheet: "Pink-tongues often occur in the same areas as blue-tongues, but... 

closeup of skink

Pink - blue
Known to inhabit moist pockets (including lemonade bottles) thoughout Brisbane. Common in well watered gardens and rockeries. 40cm including tail. An... 

freeing a skink

As it turned out, he / she was a little tired and wasn't getting to deep cover fast enough so we took her down to a thicket at the base of the slope,...