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Stoney Creek Frog 2005

Young Frogs
Following Rob Whyte's discovery of frogs at Walton Bridge Reserve last week, the group Jeremy Houghton, David White, Dawn Whyte, Rob Whyte, Anne... 

The best way to view these little frogs
We found the best way to view these little frogs was to let them rest in a little creek water so the didn't jump in fright. They tend to swim up onto... 

Rob and David
Rob and David looking to see if this was a frog. It scrambled rather than hopped, so we suspected it was a baby cane toad. It was.  

Rob chasing frogs. 

That looks like
At the waters edge Anne, Dawn and I were looking back through the images I had just taken. Dawn remarked: "That looks like a frog is sitting on a...