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Fish Creek May 2005

Melinda Mclean brought all the gear and the know-how. The Walton Bridge group did the rest (with a little help from some friends).

Melinda's fishing gear

Melinda's fishing gear
Melinda Mclean draws on her recent experience as a SEQ Waterwatch Coordinator to teach SOWN members how to do a fish survey. 

Steve O'Halloran setting fish trap
Steve wore sensible shows suitable for creek rocks or The Fastnet Race. 

Melinda colecting a trap
It was a wonderful afternoon and fortunately no one was ten again and fell into the creek. 

Gathering the Catch
The group preparing to count and record the catch. From left to right Melinda Mclean (far left), Jeremy Houghton, David White, Steve O'Halloran... 

Dip netting across the stream
This technique provides sampling at different depths and in more or less exposed areas. Dip netting here are Jeremy Houghton, Steve O'Halloran... 

Dip netting
Dip netting is a technique for capturing fish that might not be attracted to the baited traps.  

The dip net catch
The dip net catch comes in. Left to right: Jeremy Houghton, Steve O'Halloran, David Whyte, Robert Whyte and Anne Jones.  

Rob and the purple spotted Gudgeon
Mark photographing Rob photographing the purple spotted Gudgeon who was a little apprehensive as fish are in a new bowl, a lot brighter than the... 

Jeremy Houghton and David White
Jeremy and David are participating in SOWN activities as part of their school community project. 

Melinda Mclean and Rob Whyte
Melinda shows Rob the finer points of the fin. 

Purple spotted gudgen
Amazing colours. 

The ID parade
The identification and discussion rolled on following the key and checking posters and books. From left to right Arend Smits (holding up jar),... 

Rob and Steve
Rob and Steve wonder about the fish. These curved bowls are excellent to magnifying the size of the fish for photos. Rob and Steve are trying to...