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Reptiles that wriggle, slither and slide. Please send us any great reptile stories and pictures you encounter in your creek work.

Tommy Round-head

Amphibolurus nobbi (Agamidae) Nobbi Dragon
A small lizard, body length to 8cm, tail to 19cm (total lenth to 27cm). A common lizard in dry eucalypt forest, especially with plentiful rocky... 

Pink Tongued Skink

Cyclodomorphus gerrardii Pink-tongued Skink
Pink-tongues grow to about 30 cm. Juveniles are very conspicuously coloured with striking black and cream bands. The colour pattern of the adults... 

tree snake

Dendrelaphis punctulata Common Tree Snake
Agile and slender, non-venomous snake to 2m usually a little over 1m, green to yellowish-green, brownish-green, black - even blue in a rare form. 

Asian House Gecko

Hemidactylus frenatus Asian House Gecko
The Asian House Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) resemble many native geckos, but they are much more talkative, their 'chuck, chuck, chuck' call is... 


Intellagama lesueurii (AGAMIDAE) Water Dragon, Easter Water Dragon, Maggil
Distinguising features include crest on the nape of the neck and along backbone, laterally compressed body and tail, exposed ear, long powerful... 

Patsy the Habitat Brisbane bush python

Morelia spilotes (Pythonidae) Carpet Snake, Bush Python
Bush Pythons (better known to older folks as Carpet Snakes) have heat-sensitive pits on their bottom jaw let them sense and track other animals... 


Common Brisbane Skink, not sure of ID. SOWN is a community organisation working to restore the habitats of creeks and waterways in the catchments... 


Varanus varius (VARANIDAE) Goanna, Lace Monitor
Australia's largest lizards, goannas have strong claws and powerful legs. Dark grey to black with cream or yellow scales forming bands and blotches.