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Thanks to plant lovers everywhere, especially:

  • Australian National Botanic Gardens
  • Australian Plant Genera (Baines)
  • Brisbane Forest Park (BFP) plant books (Hauser and Young)
  • Create More Butterflies (Jordan & Schwencke)
  • Don Sands (Richmond Birdwing Recovery Network)
  • Encyclopedia of Australian Plants suitable for cultivation (Elliot, W.R. & Jones D.L)
  • Enoggera Rainforest Inventory (Blair Bartholomew)
  • Flora of South-easten Queensland (Stanley & Ross)
  • Fragments of Green (Janet Hauser)
  • Habitat Brisbane
  • Han Van Beek and Bob (Gardening Australia Nursery)
  • John Moss (Butterflies and other Invertebrates Club)
  • Mountains to Mangroves Vols I&II (SGAP)
  • Noosa's Native Plants (Haslam)
  • NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Australian Herbaria
  • Peter Young's BFP Plant list (compiled by Klaus Querengasser)
  • Rainforest plants of Australia (Jones, D.L)
  • Rainforest Plants Vols. 1-6 Nan and Hugh Nicholson
  • The Green Book (Williams & Harden)
  • The Red Book (Harden, Williams, McDonald)
  • Tim Low (author of New Nature, Feral Future, et al)
  • Weeds CRC
  • Wild Plants of Greater Brisbane (Queensland Museum)

A work in progress

We respect copyright and the protection it gives authors from unauthorised use of their material. This web site is a work in progress managed by volunteers. Despite our best intentions some older descriptions may not yet have been checked to ensure they have been edited and credited properly. Please contact SOWN if we have inadvertently carried over inaccurate or inappropriate descriptions from previous versions of the web site.

Photographs if uncredited are usually by either Mark Crocker or Robert Whyte.

Special thanks

Contributions have come from many SOWN and BRAIN members, too many to mention individually, although there are some who deserve special mention and thanks. They include: Vera Moffett, Matt Tomkins, Bill McDonald, Klaus Querengasser, John Moss, Kenneth McClymont, Robert Whyte, John Thompson, Bruce Noble, Dave Somerville, Derek Boddington, Paul Donatiu, Shealagh Savage, Martin Bennett and Graham Stephens.