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Campohor Laurel - a SAMS & SOWN woodcraft story

The Samford Men's Shed (SAMS) teamed up with SOWN in 2013 to design and produce a series of camphor products to showcase at the 2013 'Weeds to Woodcraft' Expo.

Camphor Laurel

Long prized throughout Asia for its timber & essential oil, Camphor laurel is one weed with a future in craft and commercial use. Both Camphor & Jacaranda are popular in wood-turning, parquetry, instrument-making and rustic furniture. Camphor Laurel is also popular for its insect repellent & anti-bacterial properties. Blanket-boxes & chopping boards show-off the sometime stripy, honey-coloured hard wood to great effect. Salvaged timbers (both native & introduced) play a big role in sculptural works and 'one-off' pieces.

Learning the ropes

With a view to find out who does what in the business of reclaimed timber, the guys from SAMS set out to check out local businesses 'Been-a-tree' Milling and Fab Slabs.

Trees are sourced and milled into slabs using a portable Lucas Mill, then either air or kiln dried until ready for use.

Camphor logs rready for milling
Camphor logs ready for milling Photo: Robert Whyte

Been-a- tree lucas mill
Lucas Mill in action. Photo: Robert Whyte

freshly milled camphor
Freshly milled Camphor. Photo: Robert Whyte