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How to plant tubestock

Tips for the planting novice

Several times a year, SOWN invites members of the community to join us planting native species along the creek.

To help those who are new to plantings, SOWN has produced "How to plant tubestock". The card was illustrated and designed by ToadShow's Sasha Middleton.

Published with the much-appreciated assistance of a grant from Brisbane City Council, "How to plant tubestock" takes the novice through the simple process of getting a native plant into the ground and ready to grow.

The term "tubestock" refers to the small square plant pots, we call "tubes". The reason the tubes are square is because round pots can result in the roots of some plants becoming a twisty knotted spiral. This doesn't make for a healthy plant.

So please study the instructions hard, download a PDF, or pick up a copy at the next SOWN community planting.

How to plant tubestock instructions