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SOWN celebrates end of 2011

SOWN's annual general meeting was an opportunity to get together, look back on the achievements of 2011 and make plans for 2012.

The meeting elected a new management committee.

Management Committee

President: Geraldine Knapp
Vice-president: Richard Harding
Secretary: Anne Jones
Treasurer: Robert Dunne
Members: Mark Crocker, Allen Kamp, Adam Richardt, Karen Webster, Robert Whyte, Maggie Magafakis.


  • Director: Robert Whyte
  • Senior Adviser: Brian Hallinan
  • SOWN Environment Fund: Anne Jones, Brian Hallinan, Genevieve Graves

SOWN members at the 2011 AGM
SOWN members at at the Annual General Meeting 2011. Photo: Mark Crocker