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Great photos from SOWN Nursery Open Day 2011

SOWN Nursery held an Open Day on the morning of Wednesday 5 October.

Visitors and volunteers flocked to see the nursery in operation and learn about SOWN's activities. On show were the mysteries of pricking out and seed processing. The Open Day included morning tea and lunch for all visitors.

There will be more Open Days in 2012.

SOWN Nursery crew 2011 at the Open Day
SOWN Nursery crew 2011 at the Open Day. Back L-R Graham Macklin, Ray Sinkinson, Kon Michnowsky, Rob Whyte, John Rohde, Emily Brash, Glenda Chadwick. Middle L-R: Peter Knight, Lynn Swan, Helen Jeremy, Jill Don, Hannah Layton, Brett Telfer. Front: Tom Pudwell. Photo: Mark Crocker

SOWN Nursery group at the Open Day 2011
L-R Peter Knight, Fred Moffett, John Rohde, Jill Don, Kon Michnowski. Photo: Mark Crocker

Fred Moffett and John Rohde
Fred Moffett and John Rohde. Photo: Mark Crocker

Man talking to Robert Whyte
Joe Wilde, Greening Australia Nursery manager, and Rob Whyte. Photo: Mark Crocker

Group at Nursery Open Day
Jill and Alan Don with Joe Wilde. Photo: Mark Crocker

Hanna and Tom at Open Day
Hannah Layton and Tom Pudwell. Photo: Mark Crocker