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The creek in our backyard - sold out!

A practical guide for landholders

Jack in his backyard, Ithaca Creek
This is Jack in his backyard on Ithaca Creek. If you want your backyard to be as good as Jack's you need The creek in our backyard.

SOWN has launched a new book The creek in our backyard: A practical guide for landholders by SOWN Director, Robert Whyte.

Funded by the Department of Environment and Resources Management as part of our Ithaca Intact project, the book is chock full of top advice for managing your bush garden. It's especially targeted at people with a creek in their backyard.

Rob said the book distilled the wisdom of SOWN members past and present.

"I wanted to enthuse beginners to tackle the weeds in their garden and start planting our wonderful local native species.

"The whole process should be fun and rewarding, and I think we've conveyed that message very strongly in the book," Rob said.

Copies of the book were free and available from the SOWN Nursery open Wednesday 8am - 12noon and Saturday 9am -11am but there are no hard copies left, so be sure to download the free PDF.