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The Dreaded Annual Rag Weed

Click the image below for information on the dreaded Annual Rag Weed.

Image  Sue Sweeney Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.
Image Sue Sweeney Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

This dangerous weed has been sighted again in our catchment after the recent 10 year window when we have been free of it due to previous eradication efforts. The last two floods have brought in seed of Annual Rag Weed (and another disaster in waiting, the Mexican Poppy, a prickly blue-grey plant with cream-yellow flowers - but more on that later).

Annual Rag Weed is an ugly weed and when it flowers it gets worse. Their flowers are linked to serious health problems in people susceptible to allergic reactions from windblown pollen. In the USA its pollen count is reported in the daily weather warnings and people are told to stay indoors.

Even people who have never had allergic problems before can have an extreme reaction.

The Brisbane City Council regard this as a serious weed for immediate removal, so if you see it you can phone them on 3403 8888.

It's quite easy to pull out. But this would be a waste if it happened after flowering in January-February. It needs to be yanked before it reproduces.

It is likely this weed will appear along every creek in the catchment and so be on the lookout and take action quickly. If you can't deal with it yourself, r are unsure, call the Council.

Thanks to Trevor Ozanne for this information.