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Staying safe on your bushcare site

From basic self defence strategies to learning about the myths relating to violence…Brisbane City Council's second round of free personal safety seminars will commence in July 2009 to empower women and men in feeling more safe and confident in public places.

The free seminar program, will equip both men and women with skills to reduce the risk of personal attack and manage aggressive or threatening behaviour.

Participants will learn about the importance of body language and how to deal positively with confrontation. They will also learn how to use communication and negotiation skills in the two-and-a-half hour seminars.

Only a small element of physical self defence strategy is covered in the session - the expert personal safety facilitators cover most of the material in a seminar-style so participants can absorb the information.

The seminars are free for all Brisbane residents aged over 14 years. Separate sessions are run for men and women to address the specific needs of each group. Individuals of all fitness levels and ages are encouraged to attend.

To find out about session times and locations in your area, to book a place in your area or to organise a group booking visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/personalsafetyseminars or phone 3403 8888.

The Gap Pastimes Club
[known as The Gap Footy Club]
Glenaffric Street
The Gap
Wednesday 8 July at 6.30pm

Jagera Arts Centre Hall
Cordelia Street
South Brisbane
Tuesday 14 July at 12 noon