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Biocontrol used to help eradicate Cats Claw in Ithaca Creek Catchment

In December, Ithaca Intact partnered with Downfall Creek Bushland Centre and Biosecurity Queensland to release the leafsucking lace bug, (Carvalhotingis visenda) at Mercy Place, Bardon, managed by The Sisters of Mercy. It was chosen as a release site as there was an extensive amount of Cat's Claw Creeper growing throughout the property. Volunteers at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre breed the bugs, also known as Cat's Claw tingids, for release in Cat's Claw-infested areas in northern Brisbane. With concerns that the breeding stock would not have enough food to survive over the Christmas holiday period, the majority of bugs kept at Downfall Creek were released at Bardon, equating to 120 tingid-infested plants!

The Cat's Claw tingid is highly host-specific and feeds on the contents of leaf tissue, slowly killing the vine. Within a month of releasing the tingids, there are already signs that they are taking hold and enjoying their new surroundings.

The tingid release site
Tingid Release Site