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Clean up warnings

SOWN members have been warned to be careful if considering cleaning up bushcare sites.

It is really important to ensure safety especially in The Gap areas which are wind damaged and have lots of hanging limbs.

Things to consider

  • Ask your Habitat Brisbane Group Leader in consultation with your Habitat Brisbane Officer to assess damage to site prior to commencing work.
  • Look for dangerous debris including metal, glass and dangerous objects.
  • Creek banks may not be stable so tread with care.
  • Remember to ‘look up’ as hanging branches will be commonplace and can be deadly. Do not work or walk under them.
  • Piles of debris can collapse, teetering logs can dislodge and roll, firm ground can become quicksand bog, scours and sinks can be concealed by foliage.
Storms and floods smash Enoggera Catchment Nov 08
Photo: Robert Whyte

Hazards at Walton Bridge Reserve

Hanging branch hazard at Walton bridge reserve
Photo: Anne Jones