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Ithaca Creek also battered

Heavy downpours cause damage

Craig Davis reports:

Ithaca Creek and the Lugg Street bushcare site took a beating in the early hours of 20 November 2008. The creek at its peak was above the floor of the footbridge. All of the mulch and most of the plants planted this year are gone. Much of the established area has been mown down flat. There is all sort of rubbish in the creek itself. Residents in Lugg Street had their car drowned. A 40-foot container was resting-up against the bridge on Fulcher Road. Some houses went under behind the Broncos. Railings have been lost along paths and bridges at Glenrosa Rd, Kenwyn Rd and Jubilee Tce. Recent backyard plantings along Todd St have almost completely been lost. Woolcock Park was completely drowned and has a lot of rubbish. The house at 94 Lugg Street took some damage under the house and to fences. The good news is that so far we have 2.5 months more supply in the dams.

Adam Richardt reports

I went down to Woolcock Park yesterday, with the na´ve thought that I could help "clean up". Whew. What a mess. Woolcock Park itself was under at least a metre of water, and had 4 cars strewn about it, including one nearly embedded in the amenities block, and a Ford Falcon in the creek next to the "Restoration Station" with only its roof showing. Our plantings actually stood up to the battering surprisingly well. About 20-30% loss, from my estimation, but the more established sites have proven pretty hardy. The thicker the plantings, the better they've done.Also, we had 12 ducklings before the storm - at least 3 of those have survived...

storms and floods smash Enoggera Catchment Nov 08
Photo: Craig Davis