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Corporate Creekers

Corporate Creekers at Coopers Camp

Ithaca Intact has been very lucky to have had the support of various corporate groups in recent creek activities. Earnst and Young helped clear our National Tree Day site at Bardon and Suncorp Metway have had various groups in the nursery and working along Ithaca Creek. Most recently we have seen the support of MWH Global. Corporate groups are increasingly participating in activities that promote corporate citizenship. Volunteering as a work group is a great way of team-building and increasing your knowledge of your local community, by participating in it. MWH Global is a global company with offices in all of the major Australian cities. The company is considered a leader in water, wastewater and environmental management and assist companies with opportunities in sustainable growth. Seems a perfect match for working with SOWN!

We selected a small section of Ithaca Creek, near the National Tree Day site, for rehabilitation and met early on Saturday the 27th of September to plant a few hundred trees, which were bought through the generosity of MWH Global. We selected species that provide good habitat for birds, small skinks, water dragons, butterflies and frogs which have all been sighted near this section of the creek. It was an extremely hot morning and everyone enjoyed the well deserved morning tea break. Well done for all of the hard work and we hope to continue this association in the future! It is expected that site maintenance will be undertaken by other corporate groups in the future.