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Arbor Day at Purtell Park

Another stretch of Ithaca Creek, gets Intact!

Arbor Day is celebrated globally at different times throughout the year. It aims to encourage schools, individuals and members of the community to plant trees and recognise the valuable role that trees play within our communities and environment. There are many reasons we plant trees. Trees not only contribute to biodiversity, habitats, waterway health, agriculture, forestry and industry but also provide shade and aesthetic value to our waterways and parks. The trees planted on Arbor Day were selected to perform a variety of roles for Ithaca Creek. They may contribute to the provision of habitat, shade and food for native wildlife or bank stabilisation for example. All selected trees are native to the Enoggera Catchment, within which Ithaca Creek is found.

School students from Marist College attended the day to learn about the role of volunteers in community service and environmental stewardship. The day was celebrated in conjunction with Brisbane City Councilís celebration of Arbour Day and included our Catchment Coordinator Peter Hayes and Habitat Brisbane Officers who helped out significantly on the day and in preparing the site. Activities are being supported by Cr Peter Matic, who funded the plants, advertising and sausage sizzle. We were joined by many local residents, SOWN members and the Kiwanis Group, who are the very active bushcare group in Purtell Park. After a hard morning of planting, we all enjoyed fresh fruit and a sausage sizzle!