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Weedbuster Week

Weedbusters week ~ a buddy good time!

On either side of tree planting, you will generally find the removal of invasive species or weeds. Weeds are common in Brisbane waterways and are often the result of escaped garden plants. One of the primarily objectives of bush regeneration work is the strategic removal of weed species.

This year Weedbuster Week was celebrated nationally between September 1-7. The Ithaca Intact project held a Bushcare Buddies Event in celebration of National Weedbuster Week. Bushcare Buddies events are an opportunity for members working at different sites along Ithaca Creek to meet each other, see each other’s work, to offer and seek advice and to realise common goals.

The event was hosted by the Men of the Trees group and was supported by the Goodlife Gym at Bardon. All participants were provided with ‘goodies bags’ including Weedbuster caps, stationary and fact sheets, a Goodlife Gym drink bottle, complimentary gym passes and lifestyle magazines.

SOWN would like to thank all people involved in the day, in particular Petra Skoien the National Weedbusters Coordinator for attending the day and providing her expertise.