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Rubbish Collecting along Ithaca Creek

From sink to the sea... we remove rubbish upstream!

Following a very successful residential working bee on Exeter St, some very active Ithaca Intact members, accompanied me in undertaking a mission to remove some of the litter found within our catchment creeks. Heavier rains throughout earlier months had washed all of the litter from our parks, backyards, streets and bridges into our waterways. In a rubber ducky, the contingent spent the afternoon in Enoggera Creek collecting plastic bags, bottles, fibreglass… even children’s toys. Plastic products often wash from our creeks into marine environments and cause a great deal of damage to many animals through entanglement and ingestion.

A large pile of rubbish was also collected from close to the mouth of Ithaca Creek near Balun Park. With skilled precision, a pool scoop was used to retrieve litter from the creek and through a ‘unique’ display of athleticism, the audience gathered on the bank were treated to quite a show!