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National Tree Day

National Tree Day Success

Talk about a joining of forces! The task of preparing the site for the National Tree Day community planting, included volunteers from around the world! The corporate sector (Ernst and Young) were involved in the preliminary site preparation activities, removing large quantities of weed species, including stands of elephant grasses, Chinese elm and a variety of vine species. The laborious job of removing the large clumping roots of elephant grass, was tackled by a group visiting from New Caledonia. Visiting Australia on a pilgrimage to see the Pope, their efforts will be well remembered on Ithaca Creek.

On Saturday the 27th of July, Save Our Waterways Now and Ithaca Intact celebrated National Tree Day. With approximately 1200 plants and trees being planted, mulched and watered, by over 80 volunteers, the morning at Cooper’s Camp Rd, Bardon was a huge success.

Thank you to all of the volunteers on the day and the Enoggera Creek Catchment Coordinator, Peter Hayes for his hard work in organising the event. We will continue to maintain and continue building on this work through the Ithaca Intact Project.