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Bushcare Buddies Events

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The Ithaca Intact Project is an initiative to restore the entire 7km stretch of Ithaca Creek. Achieving this requires the support of individuals, organisations, schools and communities working together. Bushcare Buddies Events are an opportunity for members working at different sites along Ithaca Creek to meet each other, see each other's work, to offer and seek advice and to realise common goals. This project is not only about getting Ithaca Creek intact, but is also about bringing us together as communities. Keep your eye out for upcoming Bushcare Buddies Events.

Our next event is on Sunday November 9th, 2008. The event will be held at Bardon State School, 330 Simpsons Road, Bardon. We will be starting at 3pm.

For more information please contact
Kristy at ithacaintact@gmail.com