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Who's getting Ithaca Intact? Creek residents jump on board in 2008

Fletcher Parade & Exeter Street

Residents at 75 to 79 Fletcher Parade and Exeter Street are leading the charge for Ithaca Intact in 2008. They rolled up their shirt sleeves and got stuck into their section of Ithaca Creek in Feburary and again in March. They've done a fabulous job working together to weed and plant up at least thirty metres of creek bank, which in turns joins up with the section of creek being restored by SOWN's Devonshire Street group. Some photos of the Feburary event are posted below.

139 Fletcher Pde have also done a fabulous job of weeding the creek bank and planting out natives. Such is their enthusiasm that they are planning on taking on their neighbour's section of creek bank!

Fletcher Parade residents weeding on Ithaca Creek.

Goodbye passion vine!

The end result.

Lorward Avenue

57 Lorward Avenue joined the Ithaca Intact cause, planting out their section of creek bank with understorey plants in February. This builds upon the work that their neighbours have done on the creek at 55 Loward Avenue, and is only a couple of houses down from a wonderful section of creek restored by 71 and 69 Loward Avenue.

Kamber Street & Cecil Road

47 Kamber Street is helping to get Ithaca Intact, planting trees along the creek bank opposite Saba Burns' wonderful regeneration site on Cecil Road.