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Ergon Energy clean up the creek

Ergon Energy joined forces with SOWN recently to rid Ithaca Creek's Red Hill reaches from rubbish.

Clean Up Australia Day 2008 saw 70 volunteers from Ergon's 'Green Team', SOWN and the Environmental Art Collective removing litter from the creek and surrounding parkland.

The total haul for the day was 31 bags of rubbish (including 16 bags of recyclable rubbish) and various other items including scrap metal, the lid of a water tank, fencing, a truck tyre, a car battery, a camera and handbag (including keys and wallet!). The police will hopefully return the last two items to their rightful owners!

Lilly_Zoe_ Ithaca _CUA
Two Ithaca Intact regulars with the spoils of the day

And if this wasn't enough the willing workers also managed to plant 160 native plants along the creek, including digging the holes, hauling water from the creek and moving several cubic metres of mulch with buckets! What an effort!

The team from Ergon were well prepared!

No more rubbish? We'll plant trees instead!

Members of the Environmental Art Collective pitched in too.