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Killing Camphor Laurel

fig and campher laurel

In re-vegetating Ithaca creek at Bardon we came across a large camphor laurel tree with multiple shoots which needed to be controlled.

After careful deliberation we came to the decision that the best solution was not to remove the tree, as it provides a canopy for a variety of native flora and fauna. Instead the process and experiment was to place figs in the larger forks of the tree, hoping that the fig will over time smother the host camphor laurel.

After the 22nd of February our green corps team will be graduating, and because of this we will no longer be able to carry out further maintenance of Ithaca creek.

Therefore we would like to ask for assistance of the members of the community to eradicate any more camphor laurel shoots which may come up from the existing root system, to help the eco-system to repair itself.

Location of the Camphor Laurel at Bardon


This map shows the location of the Camphor Laurel at Bardon