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Mystery Caterpillar

Trema tomentosa

Once upon a time, in a large and mysterious creek in the land of Bardon, a small, yet very important group of green corps participants were busily mapping out their project site when one slightly distracted participant wondered off in search of the Trema tomentosa otherwise known as (Poison peach).

Poison Peach
Trema tomentosa, Poison Peach

Caterpillar caper

When the participant stumbled across the poison peach something had beaten her to it. A rather unusual and unique looking community of caterpillars were enjoying an afternoon feast of none other than the poison peach foliage. The amazed and confused Green corps participant called for the attention of her team leader who was baffled as to the identification of the caterpillar in the question. After many sleepless nights and many nail biting sessions the name of the caterpillar is still unknown to us. So in conclusion, anyone who may have information and know what type of caterpillar this is, if you contacted this confused green corps participant at lauratroupe@hotmail.com,it would be gratefully appreciated. thankyou

caterpillar (sp.?)
Some very hungry caterpillars

Mystery Caterpillar Revealed!!

Mynes geoffroyi - Jezebel Nymph

After a lot of research and asking around we have finally found the information we needed to describe our previous mystery catapillar.

"Mynes geoffroyi" - commonly known as "Jezebel Nymph"