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Green Corps graduate top of the catchment

Green Corps Graduation
The oldest Green Corp member in history? Don from CVA with the team

Our khaki-clad crew of young environmental warriors recently graduated from their six month battle against weeds in the Enoggera Creek catchment.

During their work on the local waterways, the Green Corp team removed environmental weeds, spread literally tonnes of mulch and planted several thousand native plants. They also provided invaluable assistance to SOWN volunteers at the group's nursery at The Gap, by collecting seed and propagating local plant species.

Green Corps Graduation
Hayley receives her certificates from team leaders Kylie and Josh

The project included training which saw many of the team achieve qualifications in Conservation and Land Management, as well as learning skills that will assist to gain employment in the environment or horticultural industries.

The Green Corp team had more than their fair share of bad luck during the project, including a serious traffic accident that put one of them in intensive care. However the strength of character and support they have shown each other throughout the project and the team bonds they have developed have been inspirational.

SOWN thanks the team for all their hard work and wishes them all the best as they move into the workforce.

Green Corps Graduation
Boo and Lubu explain what Green Corp meant to them.

Green Corps Graduation
Luke tells it like it is.

Green Corps Graduation
It was great to see Tamara up and about.