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Doodia aspera (BLECHNACEAE) Prickly Rasp Fern


Doodia aspera
Photo: Robert Whyte

A common, spreading ground fern growing to about 40cm tall. Found in rainforest margins and wet eucalypt forests in all eastern states.

Named for Samuel Doody. Aspera means rough and relates to the rough feel of the fronds.

Very hardy, tolerant of root competition, and some direct sun.

Propagation is from fresh spores or by clump division.


Photo: John Abbott

Pale green erect fronds are deeply lobed (pinnatifid) and have small curved teeth and thickened margins

New fronds are attractive in shades of pink and red.

Foliage undersides

Photo: Robert Whyte

Fertile fronds are similar to the sterile ones except they have 2-4 lines of round sori (spore clumps) on the undersides of the frond.