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Saturday Morning Nursery Roster - volunteers needed

The SOWN nursery is open to members for collecting plants every Saturday 9am-11am.

If we have a lot of volunteers on the roster, each member's turn comes up only every few months.

Can you spare a couple of hours every couple of months? All you need to do is open up at 9am (key at Greening Australia) and lock up at 11am (take key back).

It's easy, and you don't need any special knowledge. People wanting plants are usually pretty knowledgeable. And if they aren't, there are resources on the web site the can print out and bring. (See links.)

  • Plants to Plant - A database of plants of the Enoggera catchment. Photographs of flowers, fruit, notes on distribution, habitat, garden use, edibility and propagation. Search and sort by habitat, special features and plant type.