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SOWN activities 2006-2007 and future plans

2006-2007 has been a very successful year for SOWN. Our achievements included:

  • Queensland Landcare Innovation Award 2006 for SOWN TV
  • NAB 2006 Volunteer Awards National winner environment and wildlife
  • Finalist Healthy Waterways Awards, Community category
  • Launching Ithaca Intact to restore the entire length of Ithaca Creek, a 3-year project
  • Merging with Brisbane Rainforest Action and Information Network (BRAIN)
  • Raspberry Festival, Walton Bridge The Gap
  • Butterfly Festival, Woolcock Park Red Hill

Thankyou to our catchment coordinator Melinda McLean for all her hard work and all the members, their friends and families who supported and participated in these events.

Melinda is leaving us, as least for a while, to become the Habitat Brisbane Officer West. She has been replaced by Peter Hayes. Of course, as Habitat Brisbane Officer for our catchment we will still be working closely with her.

Some of the activities we are planning for 2007-2008 include:

  • National Tree Day plantings at The Gap Past Time Club and Lugg Street, Bardon on 29 July
  • Stage 1 Ithaca Intact
  • Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party on 1 December
  • Closer ties with Men of the Trees
  • Opening new headquarters at Yoorala Street The Gap

We look forward to your company at these events.