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SOWN Nursery to remain open under strict protocols
The SOWN nursery will continue to open at our regular Wednesday and Saturday times above but under much stricter Covid19 protocols.

We are aware of the government directions and BCC advice to reduce and avoid social gatherings and to keep these to less than 5 people. At this stage, we are continuing to open the nursery at the usual times for INDIVIDUALS to collect plants under the following rules and protocols:

* The number of people in the nursery (volunteers and members) shall not exceed 5 people at any one time;

* The social distance between people shall be maximised. The Nursery area allows much greater social distancing than the 1 metre rule requires;

* Handwash area and bench will be disinfected at the start and end of each session;

* Volunteers and members MUST wash their hands on entry and wear gloves at all times. Disposable gloves, variety of soaps, paper towels etc provided;

* Members or volunteers with coughs, high temperature or other symptoms must not attend; and

* Children or pets should not come to the Nursery.

Please don't come to the nursery if you cannot comply with these arrangements. We will keep these matters under continual review.

Stocktake of plants available - Please prepare for your visit to the nursery
Please prepare before you come so your time in the nursery can be minimized for the reasons above.

We have done a stocktake of mature tubestock available for members and this is attached - click on the heading above. Please use this to prepare a list of he plants you want before you come.

You can also help us by rinsing any dirty tubes at home before you return them. 


'This Week by the Creek' eNewsletter - February 2020
An eNewsletter from our partners at the BCC Creek Catchments Program is attached for your information.

It contains information and updates about creek activities and events across Brisbane, training opportunities and grants that are available.

Please have a look at it by clicking on the above heading or image. 

SOWN Nursery Stocktake - 27 November 2019
A stocktake of plants (tubestock) in the SOWN Nursery was undertaken on 27 November 2019. Stock numbers are high because the hot, dry weather has reduced plantings. The nursery was holding 23,108 tubestock plants.

If you would like to see the range of species and numbers of plants available in the nursery at that date, click on the heading above. All of these plants are native to the Enoggera Creek catchment. 

SOWN turns 25 years - History book launched on 24 March 2019
SOWN celebrated its 25th year of caring for Enoggera catchment in March 2019.

SOWN commissioned ToadShow (Anne Jones and Rob Whyte) to produce a history of our activities and achievements from 1994 to 2019. The history is now available free to download as an eBook - see right column.

The SOWN history book was launched on Sunday, 24 March at the Old Newmarket Bowls Club, close to some of the original SOWN plantings.

Over 100 long-term and new SOWN members and friends attended and the SOWN 25th Anniversary history book was launched to great acclaim.

No-dig Bush Regeneration - Ko Oishi
No-dig bush regeneration and how can we regenerate native vegetation safely on contaminated soils?
A copy of Ko's presentation on trials at Northey Street City Farm given at our recent member's meeting on 29 September is attached. Click on the above heading to open. 

Impacts of Proposed Mt-Cootha Zipline - Peter Hale
What are the environmental, noise, traffic and other impacts of the proposed Mt-Cootha Zipline?
A copy of Peter's presentation at our member's meeting on 24 June is attached. Click on the above heading to open. 

Join SOWN and Live Forever? - Dr Andrew Galbraith
What are the health benefits and risks of working in the SOWN Nursery or on revegetation sites?
A copy of Andrew's presentation at our member's meeting on 15 April is attached. Click on the above heading to open. 

Sown Logo

SOWN is a community organisation working to restore the habitats of creeks and waterways in the catchments of Enoggera, Ithaca and Fish Creeks in Brisbane's north west. 

To download and view the SOWN 25th Anniversary history book click here
Please have patience, the ebook is large and colourful and may take up 30-60 seconds to download. 

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These planting guides will help you choose the best local native plants for your regeneration site or garden. You can also visit the "Plants To Plant" section using the site navigation. 

SOWN has volunteer catchment groups working on creek restoration throughout the Enoggera catchment including along Enoggera Creek, Fish Creek and Ithaca Creek. Look here to find the group nearest to you.